BIODATTES is an Algerian company, leader in the transformation and export of organic dates of the Deglet nour variety, with 3200 tons exported per year.

Our company is recognized for being a serious and reliable supplier, respecting high standards of hygiene and quality and putting its vast experience at the service of its customers. We produce dates from selected terroirs in the regions of Tolga to Ménéa via the valley of Oued Righ. We are the pioneers in the field of organic agriculture in Algeria for more than 20 years of existence and we are also the leader of the export market in this field.

We provide "The best dates in the World" according to many testimonials from consumers who know the authentic Deglet nour variety, with its refined and delicate taste. But also, we supply ingredients for the food industry through ingredients such as date syrup, paste and date powder.

We are certified to major food safety standards such as ISF and BRC but also to European, American, Japanese and Swiss organic production standards while also respecting ethnic, social and fair and social trade standards.

What sets us apart is that we control our production chain from the ground to the finished product without any recourse to subcontracting and that all our manufacturing stages are internalized Whatever your need for standard or specific products, we are able to satisfy you.

Export areas :

  • Americas : 38%
  • Asia : 34%
  • Europe :28%

Certification :

  • IFS
  • BRC

Number of employees: 576 permanent employees

  • 90% Women
  • Average experience : 12 years
  • Average age : 32 years old
  • Supervision rate 15 %