Planting of 1000 hectares of date palms project :

In 2022, BIODATTES launches the installation of the largest date palm plantation in Algeria, with 1000 hectares of plantation in the first phase Located in the Ménéa region in the great desert of Algeria, . This Oasis will contain in addition to palm trees, other plantations such as olive trees, almond trees, and pistachio trees in the greatest respect of the latest techniques in terms of economic management of water and energy.

Building the largest date processing plant Project: :

In 2022, BIODATTES started the construction of its new factory located in the heart of the palm groves of the Biskra region. It will be the largest date processing plant in Algeria. This building will allow the company to increase its processing capacity to 22,000 tons/year with in-situ storage of 12,000 tons.

Green cities project:

In 2022, BIODATTES is undertaking the largest afforestation campaign for green spaces in the cities where its activities are hosted. With decoration trees and fruit trees. Biodattes mobilizes financial and human resources for planting operations and sets up permanent watering resources. This operation is carried out in partnership with local authorities, environmental associations and schools.