BIODATTES is a company that has always had a solidarity fiber, and it allocates a significant budget to this axis. These operations are for the benefit of the needy and local communities of the cities where we are established.

It is for this reason that the Company has established active collaboration with civil society actors, whether charities, ecological, professional or sports associations. BIODATTES also has an internal unit that manages sponsorship files for the benefit of its employees. This unit studies and qualifies requests in complete transparency and objectivity.

In 2022, BIODATTES supported the creation of the ELRAJAA charity association in order to outsource the management of social actions, in complete transparency and impartiality.

We have the following projects to our credit:

  • Planting campaign of 1000 trees in the streets of the cities of Ourellal, ouled djellal, Tolga, Ain-touta and Biskra
  • School business purchasing campaign for the benefit of our employees' school children food aid campaign for the benefit of our employees
  • Aid to orphan associations in the city of Biskra
  • Aid to the Hospital of the city of Tolga
  • Aid to regions affected by natural disasters
  • Contribution to collective wedding operations
  • Support for some surgeries...