The vocation of our company is to provide complete satisfaction to our customers, thanks to the commitment of our teams as well as the quality of our products and our services.

We will do whatever is necessary, collectively and individually, to provide products that meet customer demands in terms of: Quality, Cost and Delivery Times.

To do this, we commit to:

  • Consider hygiene and food safety before any other objective
  • Consider the satisfaction of the end consumer before any other interest
  • Always comply with the requirements of our customers
  • Be transparent with our customers, suppliers, partners and teams
  • Put in place sufficient controls to achieve zero customer complaints
  • Involve the entire supply chain, manufacturing, subcontracting and distribution in the same quality requirement
  • Provide the necessary resources for the implementation of this policy
  • Continuously improve our costs for fair and equitable offers
  • Continuously improve our management system
  • Train our teams and provide them with the resources for this policy

The General Management is totally committed to guaranteeing the upgrading of the Food Safety Management System according to the most recent standards